Ups And Downs

The interview I had planned will have to wait till next week due to scheduling conflicts! My apologies.

Competitive Jiu Jitsu is a roller coaster of emotions, you will win some and lose some. I wrote last week about a tough loss to a great opponent. This week I will write on a sweet victory against an also great opponent.

IBJJF Austin open was Saturday in Round Rock Texas. I decided to go up a weight division in order to gather some extra points for Team Lead. Knowing that my opponent was probably much bigger than me I knew I had to stick to my game-plan, or I would be defeated. I was patient, calm, and waited for my opportunity. As soon as the opportunity presented itself, I secured the finish via high elbow guillotine and won Gold (my first IBJJF gold).

I was elated, not just by my first IBJJF gold medal but also my first victory as a purple belt. Ups and downs of this lifestyle are real and can be very harsh at times. But I also believe that every down is worth the ups. It’s a process and we just have to trust it.

Some days of training you will be motivated and eager to get on the mats and learn something new and exciting from your professor. On the other hand, some days you may have to talk yourself into going even though every part of you wants to skip class. Whether it be stress at home, work, or your body is just wore out. It’s the days that you don’t want to train that turn out to matter most to your progress. Every time you train on a day that you would rather do literally anything else, you are building up a level of determination and perseverance that not many can understand.

“It’s not who’s good, it’s who is left.” – Chris Haueter

I heard this as a white belt, it resonated well with me. Grinding through those rough days and training on the day’s life has pushed you to a breaking point. Those are the days you learn just how strong you truly are and can be.

Once you learn how hard you can fight for something that you want. You begin to become unstoppable, on and off the mat.

So, get on the mat. Train today! No matter what stands in your way.


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