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Submission Hunter Pro 56 Recap

Submission Hunter Pro 56 marked the second all kids and teens event for SHP and the competitors did not disappoint. With 34 submissions and only 13 draws, these young phenoms were constantly looking for the finish!

Performance bonuses went to Freddy Marquez and Jayden Jones.

Submission of the Night went to Mona Bailey as she captured her 3rd Submission Hunter

Pro title in her 3rd different weight class. Mona secured the 135 lb Blue Belt Teens title with an armbar over Jameea Gunn.

J.R. Cabellero won the 165 lb Blue Belt No Gi title with his overtime victory over Freddy Marquez

Christian Gonzalez def Ty Pugh via Armbar Jesus Cervantes def Aaron Rodriguez via Armbar Hunter Dovzak def Adrian Tavarez via Armbar Annisa Fields def Alexandrea Chaffee via Kimura Sunn-Yoon Karas def Lola Sutton via Armbar Emmit Morgan def Dylan Simpson via Armbar Jax Powell vs Joey Salinas ends in a draw

Drake Spurlock def Milo Ruiz via Armbar Colt Brown def Lincoln Taylor via Armbar Sierra Fahn def Arabella Walker via Triangle Choke Kylie Norris def Alexa Rodriguez via Key Lock Nate Suarez vs Moses Cabrera ends in a draw Joshua Aguirre def Omar Coreas via Triangle Kimura Hailey Pineda def Skylar Stewart via Armbar Zane Magnan def Kevin Entrades via Armbar

Trent Summerlin vs Alan Gonzalez ends in a draw Caden Pipes def Devin Jones via Armbar Aaron Thompson vs Jayden Jones ends in a draw Ryan Pulley def Jacob Castillo via Armbar Connor Cox vs Dylan Rodriguez ends in a draw Josh Soto vs Luke Marvin ends in a draw Coby Shields vs Landon Elmore ends in a draw Ethan Burmingham def Matthew Lawrence via Triangle Choke Xavier Rodela def Chris Wilemon via Guillotine Choke Priam Shaffer vs Eddie Pugachov ends in a draw Marko Vazquez def Refugio Salgado via Armbar Chris Martinez Jr vs John Rich ends in a draw Anthony Beltran def Trey Jones via Rear-Naked Choke Sebastian Oyervidez def Ethan York via Armbar Mona Bailey def Jameea Gunn via Armbar. New 135 Blue Belt Teen Champion JR Caballero def Freddy Marquez via Points in Overtime. New 165 Blue Nogi Champion Brody Banks def Izaac Rodela via Armbar Jameson Olliff vs Jonathan Becker ends in a draw Ethan Tran def Cael Morgan via Rear-Naked Choke Ethan Sampson def Cooper Senn via Rear-Naked Choke Colby Hernandez def Dominic Bailey via Bow & Arrow Choke

Angela Ruiz vs Julianna Garcia ends in a draw Mackenzie Biasi def Angenella Bailey via Armbar Bella Carlozzi def Gracie Jones via Ezekiel Choke

ValliAnn Deleon vs Kamya Gainesa ends in a draw Ty Ibarra vs Izaak Tracy ends in a draw Jayden Jones def Jesus Garcia via D'Arce Choke Callie Alfieris vs Aubree Jones ends in a draw Chris Ditto vs Brenden Martinez ends in a draw Riley Murphy def Chasity Ballard via Armbar Makayla Reyes vs Emily Beltran ends in a draw Lariah Gill def Kimmie Nguyen via Armbar


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