She’s a Fighter

Little switch up this week on the planned interview. I still plan to do next weeks article on another strong woman I know. This week I have the honor of writing an article on a very dedicated fighter named, Alyssa Cantu.

What is a fighter?

A fighter in my honest opinion is a person, male or female, that sets their sights on a goal and pursues that goal no matter what obstacles get in their way. They keep their eyes focused on that goal even when it is sometimes very hard to see. Getting knocked down five times and getting up six times is one of the hardest things a person can do. No matter what, a true fighter gets up one more time than they’ve been knocked down.

Alyssa portrays the essence of a fighter in all that she does. From running a gym to fighting in a cage. She owns and operates her own gym called “Grind House Fitness” in Northwest Houston. They offer equipment for all weight lifting styles, MMA, strength and conditioning, and Jiu-Jitsu. She is even personally working strength and conditioning with Houston’s very own legend, Derrick “the Black Beast” Lewis. So, if you are ever around that area definitely drop in and check out The Grind House!

I mentioned obstacles being something a fighter will face. To me, the term “Fighter” wouldn’t exist without some tough obstacles. The harder the climb the greater the victory.

Living the life of a fighter will bring about all sorts of obstacles, some quick and painful to deal with, some leave scars that last a lifetime. In 2017 Alyssa faced the biggest obstacle of her martial arts career thus far; the loss of her beloved father. The loss of a parent is never easy or painless. Alyssa’s father was her #1 fan very literally, from the age of four he never missed a competition. Returning to the mats and competing without her father by her side is, in her mind, her greatest accomplishment. That is so powerful in my opinion because she has had many great accomplishments throughout her career medals, belts, and MMA victories. All of that pales in comparison to overcoming the obstacle of losing her father and continuing to honor him and make him proud by pursuing her dreams.

That is a FIGHTER!

Tomorrow is the Submission Hunter Pro 60 event! It is the first all women’s Jiu Jitsu super-fight card. What a statement for women’s Jiu-Jitsu that is. Alyssa will be throwing down on this card showing the world once again why she has earned the title of “Fighter”.

Don’t worry, if you aren’t in the Houston area you can still watch. Because, this event will be the first Submission Hunter Pro event that will be broadcasted on UFC Fight Pass. The card will be headlined by the very talented Danielle Kelley who will be facing off against UFC’s own Roxanna Modafferi. This is NOT an event to miss!

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