A Rough Match

Don’t worry next week I have a great interview planned for you guys! I figured I would use this week’s article to recap and give some insight to the competition life.

Over the weekend I competed in a Super-fight against the very talented grappler, Brandon Gambucci. I was submitted roughly two minutes into the match via D’arce choke. You will hear me talk a lot on having a game plan. If you do not have a game plan going into a professional grappling match, then you are doing yourself a disservice. Brandon is a 2x all American wrestler, formerly ranked top 10 in the nation, and a purple belt from a very good camp. So, I knew going into this match that I had my hands full. I had a few routes of attack and keys to victory; get under his hips and attack his legs, get distance and use the element of surprise to lock a flying guillotine, or get hip-to-hip with an underhook or overhook to throw a kani basami takedown to heel hook. First attempt was to get under his hips; he was very heavy and began passing to an arm-in guillotine. We reset standing. Once we were standing and hand fighting, I noticed he was staying very square which eliminated my Kani Basami due to not being able to get hip-to-hip. This left me with my last option of the flying guillotine. I got some distance, timed the jump, and committed. He countered with a double-under grip, lifted me, and put me down with some enthusiasm. This ultimately led to the D’arce finish.

I would rather lose to a great opponent than standby and watch others take a challenge. If you aren’t competing against a real challenger, then what is the victory worth anyways?

Two grapplers step on a mat, one of them will lose. Do not let that stop you from getting out there and putting it all on the line!

“Am I ready to compete?”

YES! You are! We get so stuck in the mentality that we absolutely must win in order to compete. Putting it on the line and stepping out on the competition floor is the best way to grow and learn about yourself in the process. Sure, you may lose. But you also might win.

Consistent training and staying disciplined will make competing much easier, you will step out on the mat and feel that you deserve to be there. You have earned your place on the competition floor. Not matter the odds, greatness belongs to those that are willing to fight for it.

So, train hard, sign up for a tournament, and leave it all on the mats. Win, lose, or draw. You’ll learn a lot in the process.

Next week I will be interviewing Professor Daniel Rivas, owner and head instructor of Team Rivas BJJ. Lots of great content heading your way! Stay tuned.


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